Videoporto Genova

Videoporto Genova is part of the conversion of the old steel mill area of Cornigliano, in the western side of Genova. The project is being carried out by Società per Cornigliano S.p.A., a public corporation in charge of the environmental reclamation of the area, and to create new activities.

With the arrival of Genova-Liguria Film Commission (GLFC) and the Audiovisual Business Incubator (PPAC) in the nearby Villa Bombrini, a new audiovisual  and creative cluster was taking shape.

But it needed a production infrastructure, not available in Genoa nor in Liguria. A building formerly used as the administrative offices of the steel factory and due to be demolished was saved and transformed into Videoporto Genova. The project, financed by Società per Cornigliano and carried out by ARTE (the Regional Housing Territorial Agency) had a cost of approximately 850,000 euros and was completed in 7 months.

The result is an infrastructure allowing Genoa and Liguria to offer local, national and international audiovisual producers a vast array of spaces and services, from a studio with green screen to dressing rooms, casting areas, production offices, and guest rooms. All at very reasonable costs. A safe haven, as Genoa has always been, to welcome creative projects from all over the world.

Videoporto Genova is managed by Genova-Liguria Film Commission.

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