Shooting Permits

Genova-Liguria Film Commission (GLFC) acts as a “one-stop shop” for the majority of permits needed for shooting in Liguria, in so greatly reducing  waiting times and red tape. When shooting in the City of Genoa and in other Ligurian cities, GLFC  manages directly your requests for the most common permits issued by local police corps (from street closures to police assistance). This type of  permits require  a 48-72 hrs. advance notice.

For other permits issued by local or regional authorities (county roads, ports, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.) GLFC is the institutional venue to get a  fast track for contacts with the relevant authorities.

Please note that we do not issue any general or generic “shooting permits”. You are invited to mail us a detailed description of your logistic and permit needs and we will provide fast and customized assistance.